Inês Borges

Inês Borges
PhD Student
Health Team

Inês Borges completed her master’s degree in Social and Organizational Psychology at ISPA in 2016. Regarding her professional experience, she had contact with several areas such as training, HR administrative support and recruitment and selection. She considers herself passionate about human behavior, especially the area of addictions (in particular, online addictions). For this reason, in 2019 she returned to ISPA, where she completed her integrated master’s degree in Clinical Psychology in 2021. In this sense, she did her curricular internship at Telépsia 2 – Centro De Psicologia Lda, in the educational context, where she carried out counseling activities with schools of various educational levels, in the form of counseling and assessment of cognitive factors of maturity. After that, she did her professional internship (OPP), focused on research and intervention, in the Project #GeraçãoCordão – Online Behaviors and Addiction, supervised by Prof. Ivone Patrão, which investigates and intervenes working with several generations of children and young people born in the digital era and who, in their relationship with virtual world, present a set of characteristics that may impact on their healthy development at various levels. Currently, she is a clinical and health psychologist and works in private practice. Beyond that, she teaches mindfulness classes in preschool and elementary schools. She is also doing her PhD in the field of Health Psychology at ISPA – Instituto Universitário (WJCR – William James Center for Research). Her PhD project aims to investigate the hypothesis that more problematic use of Social Networking Sites (SNS) correlates with perceived loneliness, regardless of the perceived quality of relationships with significant others, including partners, family and friends. Their research interests also include online addiction, online social networks, online dating apps, food addiction, sleep disorders, and physical activity.

Supervised at WJCR by: Rui Costa

Main publications

Borges, I., Patrão, I., Leal, I., & Costa, R.M. (2022). Correlates of online dependence during the COVID-19 pandemic. Revista Psicologia, Saúde & Doenças, 23(1), 14-21. doi: 10.15309/22psd230102
Borges, I., Patrão, I., & Sobral, P. (Eds.). (2022). Actas do 14º Congresso Nacional de Psicologia da Saúde: Psicologia da Saúde em Tempos de Crise. Edições ISPA.