Pedro Campos

Pedro Campos
PhD Student
Health Team

Pedro Campos is a doctoral student in Health Psychology and a psychologist at CNS – Campus Neurológico. He completed his master’s degree in Health Psychology at Ispa – Instituto Universitário. His thesis was supervised by Professor Rui Miguel Costa and aimed to explore a neurological phenomenon, Visual Snow, and its relationship to attentional absorption in a Portuguese sample, using a quantitative approach. His research focuses on the role of attention, vividness of imagination and fantasy on sexual function.

Supervised at WJCR by: Rui M. Costa

Main publications

Costa, R. M., Campos, P., Wiborg, M., Rebôlo, C., Wittmann, M., & Kornmeier, J. (2022). Prevalence of visual snow and relation to attentional absorption. PloS one, 17(11), e0276971. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0276971
Campos, P., Rolo Santos, A., Mangia, P., & Costa, R. (2022). Sexual function, absorption, and attachment styles. The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 19(5, Supplement 2), S222. doi: 10.1016/j.jsxm.2022.03.505
Campos, P., Wittmann, M., & Costa, R. (2021). Sexual function, personality, and body awareness. Psicologia, Saúde & Doença, 22(02), 411–422. doi: 10.15309/21psd220208


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