Constança Moniz Galvão

Constança Moniz Galvão
PhD Student
Health Team

Constança Moniz Galvão completed her Master’s degree in Health Psychology at ISPA – Instituto Universitário in 2019. Her thesis was supervised by Prof. Filipa Pimenta and aimed to explore the perceived factors contributing to obesity maintenance using a qualitative approach. In 2021, she finished her professional internship at Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro – Núcleo Regional do Sul, thus becoming a member of the Order of Portuguese Psychologists, and completed a post-graduation course in Sports and Physical Activity Psychology. That same year, she was awarded a research assistant position for a project funded by BIAL Foundation – “COping with PAin through Hypnosis, mindfulness and Spirituality” (PI: Alexandra Ferreira-Valente). In 2022, her Ph.D. project was granted a scholarship by the Foundation for Science and Technology (ref. UI/BD/153096/2022). Her research focus on comorbid chronic pain and obesity.

Supervised by: Alexandra Ferreira-Valente, Filipa Pimenta

Main publications

Albergaria, R., Pimenta, F., Moniz Galvão, C., Borgas Leal, A., Torres Guilherme, I., Marôco, J., & Leal, I. (2018). Dutch Eating Behavior Questionnaire: Validation and exploitation in adults with obesity. Psicologia, Saúde & Doenças, 19(1), 144-150.
Moniz Galvão, C., Pimenta, F., & Leal, I. (2019). Manutenção de obesidade numa amostra de adultos portugueses: Resultados preliminares de um estudo qualitativo. In S. N de Jesus (Ed.), Book of Proceedings do V Congresso Ibero-Americano e Luso-Brasileiro de Psicologia da Saúde e I Congresso Promoção da Saúde e do Bem-Estar no Ensino Superior, (p. 32). Algarve: CIEO – Research Centre for Spatial and Organizational Dynamics. ISBN: 978-989-8859-73-0


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