Filipa Pancada Fonseca

Filipa Pancada Fonseca
PhD Student
Health Team

Filipa Pancada Fonseca is a licensed clinical and health psychologist, with an advanced specialization in justice psychology. She has worked for over 20 years in a hospital setting, at the pediatric department, mainly with children and adolescents with atypical neurodevelopment, physical illnesses and victims of abuse and neglect. During these years she has also been an internship advisor, clinical supervisor, and certified trainer, and has been part of the scientific and organizational committee of several workshops and conferences including the annual ICCA (International Conference on Childhood and Adolescence). In 2021, along with Rute Agulhas, she has published her first book: “(Re) Construir a minha casa emocional” a book for general public with a focus on psychological well-being. Filipa has a master’s degree in Health Psychology in which she studied parenting styles and strategies in overweight and obese young people (a dyadic study). Currently, she is a Doctoral student in Health Psychology at ISPA- Instituto Universitário (William James Center for Research), developing research in the field of Cyberchondria towards mental health issues, with the project: “WWW-ME? What’s Wrong With Me? – Predictors of cyberchondria in adolescents and young adults”. Her current interest fields are the impact of new technologies in mental health, e-health, adolescent and young adults’ emotion regulation, cyberchondria and CBT applied to these topics.

Supervised by: Filipa Pimenta, João Marôco

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