Inês Morais

Inês Morais
PhD Student
Social Development Team

Inês Morais is a Ph.D. student in Developmental Psychology. She graduated in Psychology at Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Bachelor´s Degree) and holds a Master´s Degree in Clinical Psychology at ISPA. Her main research interests are related to attachment relationships, communication quality, emotion regulation, and socioemotional outcomes. She is interested in understanding the link between attachment and communication quality, emotion regulation, and social competence. Using a biopsychosocial lens, she would like to explore the role of “context” through cultural and socioeconomic conditions, “nurture” through socialization processes, and “nature” through neurobiological processes in emotional and social functioning. 

Supervised at WJCR by: Manuela Veríssimo and Marian Bakermans-Kranenburg

Main publications

Morais, I., Antunes, M., Fernandes, M., Fernandes, C., & Santos, A. J. (2022). The role of attachment and social acceptance on the development of self-esteem during childhood [poster]. International Attachment Conference, Lisbon.