Joana Carvalho

Joana Carvalho
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Joana Carvalho is an assistant professor of Psychology at the University of Aveiro (UA), executive director of the SexLab, and coordinator of the Human Sexuality Group of the Center for Psychology at Porto University; she further coordinates the Sexual Behavior and Health lab at UA. Carvalho’s research interests relate to the field of sexual health and functioning, sexual violence (including prevention and risk factors), and the study of the cognitive and emotional determinants of sexual response, with a focus on its psychophysiological correlates. Carvalho has been involved in the development of the international and European clinical guidelines regarding sexual therapies and is the current president of the Portuguese Society of Clinical Sexology.

Main 5 publications

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Carvalho, J., & Rosa, P.J (2020). Gender differences in the emotional response and subjective sexual arousal toward non-consensual sexual intercourse: a pupillometric study. Journal of Sexual Medicine, 17, 1865-1874. doi: 10.1016/j.jsxm.2020.06.018
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