Mafalda Leitão

Mafalda Leitão
PhD Student
Health Team

In 2012, Mafalda Leitão finished her Masters in Health Psychology in the area of eating behavior. The following year, she worked with Prof. Filipa Pimenta in her post-doctoral, at UIPES (reference Grant SFRH/BDP/77799/2011). Then, she worked for five years in a clinic, in psychological intervention with the Portuguese population with weight-related problems, namely excessive weight and obesity. In 2019 she was funded by FCT through a Ph.D. scholarship, with a project focusing on menopause and weight loss.

Supervised at WJCR by: Filipa Pimenta, João Marôco

Main publications

Pimenta, F., Marôco, J., Leitão, M., & Leal, I. (2016). Predictors of stress and depressive mood in Portuguese middle-aged women. Journal of Women & Aging, 28(5), 444-453. doi:10.1080/08952841.2015.1018058
Leitão, M., Pimenta, F., Herédia, T., & Leal, I. (2013). Comportamento alimentar, compulsão alimentar, história de peso e estilo de vida: Diferenças entre pessoas com obesidade e com uma perda de peso bem-sucedida. Revista de Alimentos e Nutrição, 24(4), 393-401.