Miguel Basto-Pereira

Miguel Basto-Pereira
Integrated Member
Health Team

Miguel Basto-Pereira’s research interests include child abuse, factors that promote the abandonment of criminal behavior and analysis of trajectories of juvenile delinquency. His current research focus is on the sequences of criminal convictions throughout lifetimes. Another focus of his research is the relationship between childhood adversity experiences and antisocial behavior. He is currently conducting research as the founder and international coordinator of a research project on an international study on pro (anti) social behaviors at the beginning of adulthood (SOCIALDEVIANCE1820) it is a longitudinal and intercontinental study that is being conducted in eleven countries located on five continents.

Main 5 publications

Basto-Pereira, M., Farrington, D. P. (in press). Advancing Knowledge about Lifelong Crime Sequences. The British Journal of Criminology
Basto-Pereira, M., Ribeiro, S., & Maia, Â. (2018). Needs and Achievements of the Juvenile Justice System: Insights From Two Empirical Studies With Portuguese Young AdultsInternational Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology62 (7), 1787–1805. 
Basto-Pereira, M. & Maia, A. (2017). Juvenile Delinquency, Crime and Social Marginalization: Social and Political Implications. United Kingdom: Emerald Publishing Limited.
Braga, T., Gonçalves, L. C, Basto-Pereira, M., & Maia, Â. (2017). Unraveling the link between maltreatment and juvenile antisocial behavior: A meta-analysis of prospective longitudinal studies. Aggression and Violent Behavior, 33, 37 – 50. 
Basto-Pereira, M., Miranda, A., Ribeiro, S., & Maia, Â. (2016). Growing up with adversity: From juvenile justice involvement to criminal persistence and psychosocial problems in young adulthood. Child Abuse & Neglect, 62, 63 – 75.