Pedro Costa

Pedro Costa
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Health Team

Pedro Alexandre Costa’s research is specialized in developmental and family psychology. He currently holds a post-doctoral research fellowship from FCT at the William James Center for Research in Portugal and at Birkbeck University of London. His research interests span developmental psychology, family psychology, and gender and sexuality studies.

Main 5 publications

Costa P. A., Garcia I. Q., Pimenta F., Marôco J., Leal I. (2019) Late-onset hypogonadism (LOH), masculinity and relationship and sexual satisfaction: are sexual symptoms of LOH mediators of traditional masculinity on relationship and sexual satisfaction?. Sexual Health16, 389-393. doi:10.1071/SH18165
Costa, P. A., & Tasker, F. (2018). We wanted a forever family: Altruistic, individualistic, and reasoned motivations for adoption among LGBTQ individuals. Journal of Family Issues, 39(18), 4156-4178. doi:10.1177/0192513X18810948
Costa, P. A., Carneiro, F., Esposito, F., D’Amore, S., & Green, R.-J. (2018). Sexual prejudice in Portugal: Results from the first wave European study on heterosexuals’ attitudes toward gay and lesbian marriage and parenting. Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 15, 99-110. doi:10.1007/s13178-017-0292-y
Carneiro, F., Salinas-Quiroz, F., Tasker, F., Leal, I., & Costa, P. A. (2017). Are the fathers alright? A systematic and critical review of studies on gay and bisexual fatherhood. Frontiers in Psychology, 8, 1636. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2017.01636