Pedro Figueira

Pedro Figueira
Integrated Member
Cognition Team

Pedro Figueira’s research interests are related to social presence effects on two cognitive processes; activation and control. He examines social facilitation effects on stereotype activation and control. His approach relies on multinomial models, with a special focus on the diffusion model.

Main 5 publications

Figueira, P., & Garcia-Marques, T. (2019). The other side of self-monitoring: Inhibition control in and out a social context. Análise Psicológica37(1), 29-39. doi:10.14417/ap.1498
Silva, R., Figueira, P., & Garcia-Marques, T. (2013). Paradigma associado ao estudo da ilusão da verdade. Laboratório de Psicologia, 10(2), 223-233. doi:10.14417/lp.672
Figueira, P., & Bártolo-Ribeiro, R. (2013). Time perspective orientation and big-five dimensions: an exploratory study in the Portuguese population. In V. Ortuño., & P. Cordeiro (Eds.), International Studies in Time Perspective (pp. 95-99). Coimbra, Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra.