Carla Fernandes

Carla Fernandes
Integrated Member
Social Development

Carla Fernandes holds a master degree in Educational Psychology and a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology.
Her main research interests are related to attachment relationships and their impact on children’s development, health and well-being. Particularly, her core research examines how young children develop close relationships and interpersonal competencies using a developmental framework informed by attachment theory. Her research has helped to better understand the genesis of social competence during early infancy, specifically providing information on the father’s role in children’s social.
Her current research interests are related to the implications of attachment relationships and children’s individual characteristics in health outcomes, namely related with pediatric obesity. At this level, she aims to explore the role of parents-child attachment relationships, children’s temperament and self-regulation in the emergence of risk factors for childhood obesity; to empirically validated tools into guidelines that inform good and effective prevention/intervention program’s practices; and to develop research that supports the mission of increasing family health and wellbeing.

Main 5 publications

Santos, A. F., Fernandes, C., Cardia, S., Fernandes, M., Bost, K. K., & Veríssimo, M. (2020). Concordância entre dados antropométricos reportados vs. medidos e relação com as práticas parentais alimentares em idade pré-escolar. Análise Psicológica38(1), 33-50. doi:10.14417/ap.1704
Fernandes, C., Monteiro, L., Santos, A.J., Fernandes, M., Antunes, M., Vaughn, B. E., & Veríssimo, M. (2019). Early father–child and mother–child attachment relationships: contributions to preschoolers’ social competence, Attachment & Human Development, doi: 10.1080/14616734.2019.1692045
Fernandes, C., Veríssimo, M., Fernandes, M., Antunes, M., Santos, A. J., & Vaughn, B.E. (2019). Links between use of the secure base script and preschool children’s knowledge about emotions. Análise Psicológica37(1), 71-80. doi:10.14417/ap.1569
Monteiro, L., Maia, R., Fernandes, C., Fernandes, M., Antunes, M. & Veríssimo, M. (2019). Uma análise exploratória das relações entre as representações de vinculação do pai e o seu envolvimento em atividades práticas e lúdicas. Análise Psicológica. 4 (37), 507-519. doi:10.14417/ap.1536
Veríssimo, M., Torres, N., Silva, F., Fernandes, C., Vaughn, B. E., & Santos, A. J. (2017). Children’s Representations of Attachment and Positive Teacher-Child Relationships. Frontiers in psychology8, 2270. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2017.02270