Catarina Perpétuo

PhD Student
Social Development Team

Catarina Perpétuo is a Ph.D. Student in Developmental Psychology. She is interested in understanding how preschool children’s neurobiological processes, such as sleep and executive functioning, are related to the quality of early relations. Her research aims to show how regulatory capacities are fundamental to the development of quality sleep patterns and to the development of executive functioning, in the context of attachment relationships to mother and father. She is also interested how linguistic competencies are related with the development of internal working models of attachment.

Supervised at WJCR by: Manuela Veríssimo, António J. Santos

Main publications

Perpétuo, C., Pohl, M., Rodrigues, I., Fernandes, C., Fernandes, M., Antunes, M., & Veríssimo, M. (2018). Attachment figures activated during ASCT situations: “Who” and “When”. 16th World Association for Infant Mental Health World Congress, Rome: Italy.
Veppo, F., Perpétuo, C., Rodrigues, E. D., Bernardino, L., Santos, A.J., & Veríssimo, M. (2018). Perceived Quality of attachment to Father and Mother and Quality of Sleep. V Congresso de la RIA, Montevideo, Uruguay.