Evelina Daniela Rodrigues

PhD Student
Social Development Team

Daniela Rodrigues is a PhD student in ISPA. Her main field of interest is Developmental Comparative Psychology. She is particularly interested in studying language evolution through the analysis of early communicative processes in human and non-human primates. Besides communication she is also interested in other aspects of social development and cognition in humans and other primates. Interaction among social partners (hierarchy and social bonds), social learning and culture, object manipulation and tool-use, and theory of mind are within the scope of her other academic interests.

Supervised at WJCR by: António J. Santos

Main publications

Coelho, L., Guedes, M., Rodrigues, E. D., Santos, A. J., & Verissimo, M. (2018) Perfis de comportamentos de brincadeira e conhecimento emocional em crianças de idade pré-escolar. Análise Psicológica, 36, 87-100. doi:10.14417/ap.1357
Hall, D. A., Fackrell, K., Li, A. B., Thavayogan, R., Smith, S., Kennedy, V., Tinoco C., Rodrigues, E. D., Campelo, P., Martins, T. D., Lourenço, V. M., Ribeiro, D. & Haider, H. F. (2018). A narrative synthesis of research evidence for tinnitus-related complaints as reported by patients and their significant others. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, 16(1), 61. doi:1186/s12955-018-0888-9