Sónia Santos

Sónia Santos
Ph.D. Student
Cognition Team

Sónia Santos’s research interests are in experimental psychology, cognitive psychology, and evolutionary psychology. Her PhD project aims to explore the mnemonic effect for sources of contamination and how to use it to promote infection prevention behaviors. More specific goals include the exploration of the mnemonic tuning for contamination found in free recall in other mnemonic processes (e.g., recognition); the examination of this mnemonic sensibility when using stimuli of different sensorial modalities (e.g., visual, audio); and, the investigation on how to best present information to afford a stronger mnemonic contamination effect. The integration of these findings aspire to inform how to address risk communication to better promote preventive behaviors. Sónia’s Phd project is being supported by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology under the call DOCTORATES 4 COVID-19 (2020.09585.BD). She is also team member in the exploratory project “Coming out of the box: Moving from traditional to virtual procedures to explore prospective memory and contamination” (EXPL/PSI-GER/1008/2021), supported by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology.

Supervised in WJCR by: Josefa N. S. Pandeirada and Natália Lisandra Fernandes

Main 5 publications

Santos, S. M. P. (2021, July 8th). Same stimuli, different context: Effects of context framing on emotional subjective experience, gaze pattern and pupil size. Oral Communication presented at the Research Summit 2021, Virtual
Santos, S. M. P., Fernandes, N. L., & Pandeirada, J. N. S. (2021, May 26-27). Diseased or non-Diseased: Different framings of the same stimuli induce different emotional states and gazing patterns. Poster presentated at the 2021 APS Virtual Convention
Santos, S.; Oliveira, B.; Vagos, P.; Santos, I. M.; Silva, C. F. (2015, April 17-18). Mentira e Ansiedade Social: Comparação de diferentes métodos de entrevista na deteção da mentira. Poster presented at the 10th National Meeting of the Portuguese Association of Experimental Psychology, Faro, Portugal.