Susana Vieira

Susana Vieira
Ph.D. Student
Cognition Team

Susana attained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (FPCEUP) of the University of Porto (UP) in 2022. Her last year of the Master’s course was dedicated to research, given her fondness for academia and investigation. Her dissertation consisted of a systematic review of the literature in Clinical/Health Psychology, and her internship was conducted at the Neurocognition and Language Lab (NCL, FPCEUP), using cognitive tasks and psychophysiological measures (electrocardiography and electrodermal activity) to study the possible effect of emotion induction on visual working memory. In the same year of 2022, she started her doctoral studies in psychology at University of Aveiro (UA). Her main focus of research deals with decision making and rationality resorting to animal models to understand the mechanisms and function of decision processes. Her research is  supported by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (UI/BD/153732/2022).

Supervised in WJCR by: Marco Vasconcelos and Armando Machado

Main 5 publications

Vieira, S. (2022, May 8th). A Physiological Validation of the Null Effect of Negative Emotion on Visual Working Memory. Oral Communication presented at Investigação Jovem da Universidade do Porto 2022, Virtual.