Tânia Brandão

Tânia Brandão
Integrated Member
Health Team

Tânia Brandão is interested on the role played by close relationships and cognitive and emotional processes on the physical and mental well-being of families (especially couples) in normative (e.g., pregnancy) and non-normative contexts (e.g., cancer, chronic pain, dementia caregiving).

Main 5 publications

Brandão, T., Brites, R., Hipólito, J., & Nunes, O (2022). Linking attachment orientations to family functioning: The mediating role of emotion regulation. The Journal of Psychology. 10.1080/00223980.2022.2128284
Brandão, T., Brites, R., Hipólito, J., & Nunes, O. (2022). The Emotion Regulation Goals Scale: Advancing its psychometric properties using item response theory analysis. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 78, 1940-1957. 10.1002/jclp.23343 
Brandão, T., Brites, R., Hipólito, J., & Nunes, O (2022). Perceived emotional invalidation, emotion regulation, depression, and attachment in adults: A moderated mediation. Current Psychology 10.1007/s12144-022-02809-5
Diniz, E., Brandão, T., Monteiro, L., & Veríssimo, M. (2021). Father involvement during early childhood: A systematic review of the literature. Journal of Family Theory & Review,13, 77-99. 10.1111/jftr.12410
Brandão, T., Matias, M., Ferreira, T., Vieira, J., Schulz, M. S., & Matos, P.M. (2020). Attachment, emotion regulation and psychological well-being: Intrapersonal and interpersonal associations. Journal of Personality, 88 (4), 748-761. 10.1111/jopy.12523