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OPEN CALL | Individual CEEC – 6th Edition

The William James Center for Research (WJCR) is accepting expressions of interest from post-doctoral researchers who would like to apply to the 6th Edition of the Scientific Employment Stimulus (CEEC, 2023), promoted by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology – Fundação para a Ciência and Tecnologia (FCT).

The William James Center for Research (WJCR) is funded by the FCT and has been ranked as “Excellent” in FCT’s last round of the assessment of national R&D units. It integrates outstanding psychological research from the University of Aveiro (UA) and ISPA – Instituto Universitário. One of the goals and expectations of the WJCR is to become a European Center of excellence for research and training in the psychological foundations of human social behavior. To this end, our center has several stellar colleagues with expertise ranging from fundamental research methods and multimodal neuroimaging to experimental studies.
The scientific expertise of the Center focuses on the necessity to complement fundamental research with its application and vice versa to advance our understanding of human functioning by learning from the dialogue arising from the fundamental and applied interface.
Our multi-disciplinary expertise integrates knowledge from neuroscience, cognitive psychology, health psychology, social developmental psychology, cognitive and affective neuroscience, behavioral ecology, animal models, neurobiology, and neurobiological processes. It adopts multi-modal methodologies such as EEG, EMG, fMRI, transcranial electrical and magnetic stimulation (tES, TMS), genetic screening, and hormonal markers and correlates. For more information on the WJCR’s research lines, please see:

Researchers interested in applying with the WJCR as their host institution are invited to send their expression of interest to until 9th April 2023 and must include the following supportive documents (in PDF format):
1. Detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV);
2. Motivation letter (max 2 pages). On the first page, the candidate should describe the relevant scientific activities from the past 5 years and how their expertise aligns with the WJCR mission and research. On the second page, the candidate should briefly describe the research program and work plan they intend to submit to FCT’s call for applications;
3. Clarify the Researcher Career Level (Junior Researcher, Auxiliary Researcher, or Principal Researcher) the candidate intends to apply to;
4. Clarify which WJCR extension (Ispa – Instituto Universitário or the University of Aveiro) the candidate intends to name as the host institution.

The subject of the email should indicate “Scientific Employment Stimulus 2023”.

Considering prospective candidates are aware of the eligibility requirements for FCT’s Individual Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus – 6th Edition (2023), the WJCR will notify candidates of the decision to accept their applications to FCT by email until 12th April 2023.

Please find detailed information about the FCT call and concomitant requirements at: